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Root Canal

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Infection in the pulp of your tooth can not only cause intense pain but could lead to the loss of the tooth. Dr. Fine, practicing in White Plains, New York, is an experienced dentist who excels in performing root canal surgery, which can save your teeth when you have an infected root. To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Fine today.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment that involves removing infected tissue from a tooth that’s suffering decay. When the infected pulp is completely gone, Dr. Fine seals the tooth to help prevent future infections.

Left untreated, an infection in the tooth’s root could lead to the loss of the tooth. Using root canal treatment, Dr. Fine can save your tooth and, if you care for it properly, it could last a lifetime.

What causes the infection that leads to a root canal?

Tooth decay and gum disease are the leading causes of infection. Problems with your teeth and gums usually relate to eating foods that contain high levels of sugar and neglecting proper oral hygiene.

Unless you clean your teeth properly, bacteria can multiply, causing plaque buildup, decay, and inflammation. Your gums can start to recede from your teeth, and weak spots develop in the tooth enamel.

Bacteria can then get inside your tooth and down into the root, causing an infection. Infections in the roots damage the soft pulp inside your teeth as well as the nerve endings, causing pain and potentially leading to abscesses, tooth discoloration, and even infection in your jawbone.

How is root canal treatment carried out?

The first stage in carrying out root canal surgery is to take X-rays, so Dr. Fine can see the extent of the infection inside your tooth.

When you’re ready for your root canal treatment, Dr. Fine gives you a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and jaw. He puts a protective cover around the tooth so that bacteria don’t transfer to your other teeth, then starts to uncover the infected tissue.

Dr. Fine removes every particle of infected pulp from inside your tooth, then cleanses the space thoroughly. It’s vital that no infected matter is left behind, or the infection could multiply again.

Once the interior of your tooth is spotless, Dr. Fine fills it with a flexible tooth filling substance and fits a temporary filling or crown to protect the tooth. Once the tooth heals, you can have a permanent filling or crown.

A toothache could be a sign of infection, so you should see Dr. Fine before the problem gets any worse. Call Dr. Fine today to schedule a consultation.